General Information

Since its establishment in 1959, the Faculty of Theology at Marmara University has contributed significantly to the formation and development of religious, educational, cultural and artistic life in Turkey.


The Faculty has over a 150 teaching staff and nearly 4,000 BA students in its four undergraduate and three graduate programs.


And around 1.500 MA and PhD students.


The Faculty has around 150 foreign students from 37 different countries.


BA is for 5 years including Preparation School in Arabic.


MA is for two years. First year is for courses and the second year is for dissertation.


With a uniquely rich library, it is an important educational center for graduate students and researchers. The library has unique scholarly resources in diverse fields of social and religious sciences with around 120,000 books and numerous periodicals. It has a priceless collection of about 1,500 volumes of Islamic manuscripts. The manuscripts are written in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish.


Graduates of the Faculty enjoy employment opportunities under various state and private institutions, notably the Ministry of National Education and the Presidency of Religious Affairs. They also continue their carriers as academics, teachers, writers and artists. Successfully and proudly, they represent the Faculty from which they received their education.



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