Programme In Philosophy And Religious Studies

Head Of Department Prof. Ali Durusoy

This programme is one of the oldest and most well-established programmes in the Faculty. It offers courses on a wide range of intellectual fields, including the historical development of philosophical thought, the intellectual trends in Islamic and Western thought, the interaction between Islamic and Western thought, the nature of religion, the relation between reason and revelation, the beginning of religions and diverse creeds, the manifestations of religion in social and individual life, the methods and rules for thinking correctly, and the history of religious education and its position in contemporary educational systems. Utilizing the diverse methods and theories of the various fields of the humanities, such as philosophy, sociology, logic, psychology, and education, the programme in Philosophy and Religious Studies provides its students a unique opportunity to analyse the phenomenon of religion from a comprehensive perspective. The programme consists of eight main departments: History of Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, History of Religions, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion, and Religious Education.

Department of History of Philosophy

Department of Islamic Philosophy

Department of Philosophy of Religion

Department of Logic

Department of History of Religions

Department of Sociology of Religion

Department of Psychology of Religion

Department of Religious Education



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