Department of History of Religions

The discipline of History of Religions examines religions from both historical and comparative perspectives, and may accordingly be approached in two scholarly methods: historical and comparative. Following the data produced in historical studies, History of Religions makes use of theories in history and philology, and analyses the historical development of religions with respect to their origins, formations, articles of faith, acts of worship, and ethical principles. From the perspective of comparative studies, History of Religions investigates the relations between religions with respect to their differences, similarities, and shared characteristics, and makes comparisons between them in these contexts. The discipline addresses all religions that have appeared in the world. The inclusive nature of the field necessitates a systematic collaboration between History of Religions and other human sciences, especially History, Phenomenology of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of
Religion, and Philosophy of Religion. Philology provides essential support to History of Religions, because religious scriptures may be deciphered through philological examination. History of Religions also draws from the fields of Mythology, Ethnology, Archaeology, History of Arts, Folklore, and the like.

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